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Released: Nov 30, 2007
Updated: Jan 24, 2008 by DScharfschwerdt
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Release Notes

This is the final release of the Silverlight SilverZoom application silverZoom including the silverlight client application and the image converter console appllication. The client is created using Silverlight 1.0

silverZoom can be integrated in any kind of web application which is able to parse javascript and html.
With the silverZoom image converter you will be able to create the imagesources needed for the client application.

This release contains different source packages:
  • The complete source of the client and the converter including 16 sample images already prepared for use
  • The complete source of the client and the converter w/ any sample images
  • The client application only w/ any sample images
  • The converter application
  • The sample images in a separate file, if you decide to try these out
  • The official documentation for the SilverZoom
  • The official HowTo on using the SilverZoom Image Converter and Client (added: 01/24/08)

No server-side installation required!
The client application can be executed without any C#/ASP.NET runtimes and can therefore be used as simple HTML application.
You just have to reference the javascripts on your page and create a certain div for the Silverlight XAML to recognize and you are ready to go! Place any generated images or the sample images into the /images folder and the application should be set up for use.

The converter application is a console application and can easily be batched to match your needs. See the documentation or the -help from the converter.exe for further information on how to use the application.

Silverlight SilverZoom Demonstration
Want to try the whole thing before going for binaries? We have set up the latest release of the Silverlight SilverZoom application on our live server providing the 16 examples which you can also download as examples. Experience the performance and usability while zooming large images and manipulating them using the mouse, the ui and the keyboard!

For the out live demonstration visit out site
Remember that you can use mouse and keyboard to enhance your experience with SilverZoom. Ctrl + scrolling is just one possibility. For the complete list of mappings please take a look into the documentation.

Silverlight Streaming
If you do not have the necessary hosting capacity for a large number of pictures or even xaml and javascript, then you may want to try the new Silverlight Streaming service. This service enables you to host up to 4GB of images and your xaml without having any traffic on your own website. The current SilverZoom source is not set up for this method, but you can view a live demonstration of the SilverZoom which uses the Silverlight Streaming. Setting up the application however is quite simple, as you can see by going through some quickstart samples on the Silverlight Streaming website. The performance of this hosting service is quite good as you will notice when using our live example.

For the streaming demonstration visit out site

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