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Version 1.1

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Released: Jan 31, 2008
Updated: Feb 1, 2008 by DScharfschwerdt
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Source Code SilverZoomComplete
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Source Code SilverZoomCompleteNoImages
source code, 1515K, uploaded Jan 31, 2008 - 135 downloads
Source Code SilverZoomClientOnly
source code, 1418K, uploaded Jan 31, 2008 - 100 downloads
Source Code SilverZoomConverterOnly
source code, 88K, uploaded Jan 31, 2008 - 67 downloads
Documentation SilverZoomDocumentation
documentation, 356K, uploaded Jan 31, 2008 - 188 downloads
Example SampleImages
example, 61726K, uploaded Feb 1, 2008 - 190 downloads

Release Notes

Big time for SilverZoom!
Thanks everyone for the support and feedback so far. Now it's time for SilverZoom to evolve to the next level giving you the utmost comfortability in multimedia experience and usability.

Welcome to SilverZoom 1.1

SilverZoom 1.1 has undergone some major changes presenting you optimized core-features like faster image-loading, better handling, higher compability, and many fixed bugs. In addition to that SilverZoom was extended to some cool new features.

New features in SilverZoom 1.1
  • extreme easy integration using xml configuration
  • non-popup compability revealed
  • resizeable SilverZoom, on-the-fly customizeable/resizeable
  • fullscreen SilverZoom
  • Image Slider as collection for all available images

Re-done core features in SilverZoom 1.1:
  • tile-algorithmus optimzied
  • better loading of images
  • improved zoom behaviour
  • redone mouse-handling and mouse-click/doubleclick
  • extended cross-browser compability
  • easy integration, no popup anymore
  • small changes to the SilverZoom ImageConverter

Something for the eye
SilverZoom 1.1 was originally planned as a little bug-fixed version, but since there were more and more requests for this little apllication it became something bigger. Now presenting itself in corporate design and no longer bound to a popup, SilverZoom 1.1 gives a whole new experience to the user. With nice additions like the horizontal thumbnail slide for image selection, the resizing and fullscreen options and the use of timed actions it can no longer be compared to it's predecessor.

How do I..., Where do I have to put...
Usability is the most important feature an application should have. Setting up a running application like SilverZoom is non-the-less a task for intermediate users. In this release of SilverZoom it has never been easier to use your own implementation. Since SilverZoom can now be placed outside of a popup it can be intergrated everywhere! Setting up the application can now be done via editing the shipped xml file, which controls the size and content of SilverZoom. Simply add every SilverZoom-ready image you want to be able to open and your ready to go! SilverZoom can now be controlled in three ways: direct call using javascript, direct input via the url, or simply entering nothing and letting the randomizer do all the work.

Push the button
Meet the improved mouse-behaviour and keyboard handling! Since there were some issues with the mouse in the last version, there were some changes here, as well as to the key press behaviour. Maximize your experience using the numpad keys to zoom and navigate and speed up your work by pressing CTRL simultanously. Unfortunately it is a known issue that Silverlight is not able to use the keyboard handles or mouse-wheel in fullscreen mode. In case your using the fullscreen feature you'll have to use the gui instead.

Time is money
Speed is always a critical case in terms of internet applications and therefore SilverZoom demonstrates how fast a progressive zoom can be. Switching between multiple images in an instant and zooming into them revealing things you would not have seen when looking at the original image. In this version it is demonstrated how you'll be able to zoom into documents or high resolution images experiencing a faster loading than the windows image viewer itself.

Create your own SilverZoom-ready images using the shipped SilverZoom Image Converter. Simply create a shortcut to the application, enter your parameters and drag folders and files onto the shortcut. WIthin seconds you'll have the ready image-folder!!

Experience SilverZoom now
This release contains the following distributions
  • SilverZoom 1.1 complete, including the SilverZoom Image Converter and the sample images
  • SilverZoom 1.1 complete without sample images
  • SilverZoom 1.1 Client only
  • SilverZoom Image Converter only
  • SilverZoom 1.1 documentation
  • Some sample images

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